Monday, June 16, 2014

Preschool Graduation & Kindergarten Registration

Dear Abby,
Oh my word, where in the world has the time gone.  We had a big, big week!  You had your field trip on Tuesday, and on Thursday, we had your Preschool Graduation.  Your last day forever in preschool. AHHHH, such mixed emotions.  But look how excited you are!!!
Mimi and Clara Lee came in town the night before to see you walk across that stage!  And, of course, Ellie walked, too!  

   And Kendall - ahhhhh, you love your Kendall.  We are going to miss her.  Sadly, no one from your class will be at your school, well, except Ellie!
 We love Jax, too!  That boy is so goofy and cute!
 Katie bug was proud of you, too, but was also hungry :)
 After a little bribery, we got Jaxson and Lance to pose with you.  I think they didn't mind!  We heart them and their mommas!
 And Miss Photogenic herself, Kaitlyn.  I sure hope her mom let's her wear her hair down one day :)
 Miss Pam and Miss Kim were such great teachers.  We will miss them next year!
 Kipper was ready to graduate, too!
 My little graduate!!!  PS - Miss Laurel took a hundred pics of us because I didn't think my camera was working too great.  I need to get those from her because this is the only I've got of me and you!  And no Daddy!  I promise he was there, and, also very proud!
 After graduation, several friends from your class joined us at Mellow Mushroom for delicious pizza! We were able to get a back room just to ourselves so we could be as loud as we wanted! Miss Tosh brought her famous most delicious ever cupcakes and we had a party!!!
 Miss Pam and Miss Kim even stopped in to say hello, and goodbye!  They sang "So Long, Farewell" from the sound of music and you kiddos thought it was hilarious!!  Mommy thought it was pretty awesome, too!
After pizza, we told Mimi and CL goodbye, they had to get back home, but the fun didn't stop for us!  Lance and his sister Kayla (your FAVORITE PERSON EVER!), Jaxson and his sister Addison, Kaitlyn, and Ella (and their mommas) all came over to our house for dinner (we cannot get enough of these folks, huh!) and then walked across the street to the People's Church to see the Wizard of Oz, put on by kiddos, of course!
 While it wasn't Mommy's favorite production, you kiddos enjoyed it.  At one point, Kayla was ready to leave (as were all the Mommy's!!) and you went in a corner and started crying because you didn't know which to choose, staying to finish watching the show, or going with Kayla.  It was a very hard decision for you, and in the end, Kayla saw that you wanted to stay, so she decided to stay, too!  She's a keeper!
After the show, you two wanted to get your picture with Glenda, the good witch.
 Addison was all about getting her pick with the Wicked Witch but you decided she wasn't for you :)
 And, of course, you had to get a picture with Dorothy!
We had a great time, and after several pleas to let you play just 5 more minutes, the gang left and we finally went to bed after a long, and emotional, day!  
It's official, though.  You are graduated and headed to Kindergarten!  We went one day and registered you and you were SOOOOO excited.  
We got to go on a tour of the school and you begged to go back the next day!  We got to meet the principal and even a couple teachers and we couldn't be more happy.  Did I mention they have a 'climbing room'??? Like, seriously, it's called the Climbing Room.  You see why you wanted to go back so bad?  And you LOVED the cafeteria.  Can't wait to eat lunch with your friends in there.  It's going to be a fun summer, and I don't want to rush it, but for you, Kindergarten cannot get here fast enough!
Love you big girl!

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